LED heldere gloeilamp G95 7W 806Lm E27 2700K Dimbaar - T03


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The T03 light bulb is the ideal choice for those who looking to illuminate their spaces with warm white lighting. Combining classic style with modern technology, this product ensures an excellent value for money.

What are the distinctive features of this bulb?

The T03 light bulb boasts a power of 7 watts, and a brightness of 806 lumens: for warm, 2700K lighting which guarantees good colour rendering and doesn't strain the eyes. The long filaments of the T03 also reduce shadow areas, ensuring an even light distribution. The LED technology also guarantees adjustable light intensity to increase or decrease brightness as needed (dimmable). Thanks to the E27 fitting, this light bulb is compatible with most standard lamp holders, making the installation and replacement process easier.

Where can these light bulbs be used?

Thanks to its globe G95 shape, the versatile T03 bulb perfectly adapts to any environment, for a touch of charm and personality. Perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, as well as restaurants or commercial spaces.

Discover the elegance and efficiency of the T03 G95 bulb: the perfect blend of style and technology.

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Type gloeilamp: LED
Vorm: Globe
Fitting: E27
Diameter: 95 mm
Lengte: 140 mm
Voltage: 220/240 V
Wattage: 7 W
Energieklasse: E
Lichtkleur: 2700 K
Lumen: 806 Lm
Dimbaar: Ja

Onze dimbare gloeilampen met rechte gloeidraad zijn compatibel met alle trailing EDGE-dimmertechnologieën.

Bij het kiezen van een dimmer moet niet alleen rekening worden gehouden met het maximale vermogen van de belasting, maar ook met het minimaal vereiste vermogen. Als het gedimde vermogen lager is dan het aangegeven minimumvermogen, kan de belasting gaan flikkeren en/of beschadigd raken.

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Instellen van de lichtopbrengstDimbaar
Diameter95 Ø
Type lampLED
Volt220V, 240V
Energie klasseE
Vormglobe, globe
Lichtopbrengst806 Lm
Kleur van het glasTransparant, Transparant
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